What is the goal of an argument?

What is the goal of an argument?

The aim is not only to clarify a situation, but also to get the parties involved in a discussion to agree to a proposed solution, to clarify controversial issues, to reach compromises or even to make decisions.

How many arguments do you need in an argument?

In dialectical discussion you usually start with the PRO arguments in main part 1 and then follow the CONTRA arguments in main part 2. In order to find suitable arguments, an intensive examination of the topic is suitable. Think carefully about which arguments are understandable and justified.

How do I write a high school graduation discussion?

In a dialectical or linear discussion, the first thing to do is to brainstorm and write down whatever arguments you can think of. In the next step you can sort them out and sort them according to importance. You can also write down justifications or ideas for examples in key words.

How do you write an introduction to an analysis?

Introduction of the text analysis Title of the text. Name of the author (who did the text come from?) Date of origin (When was the text written? → literary epochs) Type of text (commentary, essay, poem, letter, etc.) What does the text want? (→ interpretation hypothesis)

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