What is the goal of data protection?What is the goal of data protection?

What is the goal of data protection?

The goals of the EU GDPR are the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and in particular their right to the protection of personal data (Art. 1 Para. 2 GDPR) and the free movement of personal data (Art. 3 GDPR).

What rights does the person concerned have under the BDSG?

Right to correction, deletion and blocking of data The person concerned also has the right to correction, deletion and blocking of his data, 20, 35 BDSG. A right to correction exists if the stored data is incorrect, outdated or otherwise incorrect.

What is a data breach?

result in the following violation of data protection: violation of the obligation to report, the obligation to provide information, the purpose limitation or inadmissible collection of personal data against the will of the person concerned. The BDSG sees a fine of up to 300,000 euros, e.g.

What is data protection in a nutshell?

Data protection describes the protection against the improper processing of personal data and the protection of the right to informational self-determination. Data protection is not the same as data security.

How does data protection work?

Nobody can misuse your data, they belong to you. This means that your personal data, such as your address or your telephone number, may not be used by other people and is protected against misuse. Data protection means protection of personal data.

What is Data Simply Explained?

data forms. Data can take many forms. For example, they can appear as text, but also as video, databases, tables, numbers, audio data, images and so on. People leave traces that can be evaluated as data and thus provide us with information.

What are data samples?

Examples of personal data general personal data (name, date of birth and age, place of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) identification numbers (social security number, tax identification number, health insurance number, ID card number, matriculation number, etc.)

What is meant by the term data?

Meanings: [1] colloquial: meet another person for a rendezvous (date). Origin: borrowed from English date → en.

What is data in the PC?

Strictly speaking, data is simple information processed by a computer. This can be done in different ways (copy, edit, save). Several pieces of data that logically belong together are referred to as data sets.

How to transfer data from old PC to new PC?

Data transfer from PC to PC via USB With the right USB cable you can connect the two computers and thus transfer the data very easily. Since most USB cables only have a PC connector on one side, you’ll need to purchase a special cable for $10-20.

What does cached data mean?

The cache is a buffer memory that allows access to a background medium, such as an image stored in the background. This means that data is cached there for faster retrieval. The cache not only moves files to the front, it stores them temporarily.

How do I get my data onto the new computer?

Transferring data to a new PC via USB cable You can also transfer data from PC to PC by connecting the two computers with each other using a USB cable. However, you need a special USB cable for 10 to 20 euros, which the providers usually call a “PC to PC link cable”.

How can I copy a program to another PC?

Moving programs to another PCCopy the program directory of the application to the new PC. Look in your user profile under “Documents and Settingsusername” (Vista: “Usersusername”) for other folders that the application uses and copy them as well. Start Registry Editor (Regedit.

Can you copy from the external hard drive to the new PC?

To transfer old data to new PC, you should connect USB/external hard drive to old computer first and then transfer data to USB/external hard drive. Finally, connect USB/external hard drive to new computer and then copy data to new PC again.2 days ago

How do I transfer files to an external hard drive?

Copy files to Windows 10 from an external storage device Connect your external storage device to your Windows 10 PC. Select File Explorer from the taskbar. Select This PC from the left rail. Locate the external drive and double-click on the corresponding icon.

How to transfer hard drive to external hard drive?

Backup to external hard drive – how to back up your dataGo to the search bar on the bottom left and type “Control Panel”. Now go to “System and Security” > “Backup” and then click “Backup and Restore” Click “Set up backup” on the top right.

How to transfer pictures from PC to external hard drive?

If you don’t want to select all the images, but only certain ones, press the “Ctrl” key and hold it down, then you can also mark several images. If you then right-click on one of the images marked in blue and choose “Send to”, you can copy the selected images to your external hard drive.

How do I back up data to an external hard drive Windows 7?

Create a backup of Windows 7 Connect an external hard drive on which the backup is created. Open the start menu. Type in “Backup and restore”. Click on the search entry “Backup and restore”. Click on the right on “Set up backup”.

How to make a backup with Windows 7?

Create a backup directly under Windows 7 Click on the start button at the bottom left. Enter “backup” in the search bar and select “Backup and Restore” from the search result. Click on “Set up backup” on the right and confirm the security prompt with “Yes”.

How to make a backup Windows 7?

In the Control Panel, under the “System and Security” menu item, click on “Create a backup of the computer” or “Backup and Restore”. In the Windows backup program, click on “Restore my files” at the bottom right. Click “Choose a different date” in the top left.

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