What is the goal of the economy?

What is the goal of the economy?

the goals specified above all by the stability law: stability of the price level, high level of employment, foreign trade balance as well as constant and appropriate economic growth. These goals are also referred to as magic squares (see there).

What is the goal of the social market economy?

The social market economy is a socio-political model with the aim of “combining free initiative with social progress, which is precisely secured through economic performance, on the basis of the competitive economy”.

When will the economic growth target be reached?

Increase in material prosperity: In order to achieve this goal, economic growth is a prerequisite. It includes not only an absolute increase in prosperity, but also the reduction and elimination of material poverty. Reducing Unemployment: Or Avoiding It.

What are social goals examples?

Examples of social goals are: Securing and maintaining jobs. Creation of social facilities for the workforce (sports facilities) Holiday and Christmas bonuses. Further training opportunities.

What is ecology and economy?

The ecology consists of ecofactors and communities of animate and inanimate ecofactors are called ecosystems. Furthermore, it is a sub-area of ​​biology. Economics can be a big problem for ecology, meaning the economy can be a big problem for our environment.

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