What is the high school in Germany?

What is the high school in Germany?

The American high school is an all-inclusive school for school education at the secondary level. It is comparable to the German comprehensive school, but there are no other secondary schools in the USA.

When does high school start?

American students attend high school at the age of 14, and you, as an exchange student, will attend this school too. The high school is a unitary school, which means that there is no distinction between Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium, as is the case here, but rather all young people attend one school.

What is college and high school?

From the seventh to ninth grade, the children usually attend middle school (or junior high school) and then they switch to high school, where they usually go after 12th grade a university or college.

Is college like high school graduation?

College is somewhere between university and high school. Some leave college and then look for work, others try to go to university later. So by and large, the Abitur is already comparable to the American or Canadian school leaving certificate.

Is high school graduation?

A US high school diploma is generally recognized in Germany as a middle school leaving certificate or, in combination with a correspondingly high result in the SAT or ACT, as an Abitur (general higher education entrance qualification).

Is it possible to study in Germany with a high school degree?

A high school diploma alone does not entitle you to study directly in Germany. If all conditions are met, your high school diploma will qualify you for the preparatory college and the assessment test.

What class is college?

This school is attended by American teenagers from grades 9 to 12 and 10 to 12. Graduating from high school entitles them to attend college. In the USA, university education has a particularly high status.

What is college

Colleges (Latin collegium academiae, study community) are mostly economically and legally independent educational institutions of different types in countries in which English is the official or primary lingua franca, for example in England and the USA.

How Long Do You Go To College In America?

How long is college in the US? College in the USA usually lasts around 4 years and ends with a Bachelor degree.

How long do you go to college?

High school goes through the 12th grade. Starting school at the age of 6 is quite common in America. By the time you enter college, you’ll be around 18 years old.

How can a German study in the USA?

To study in the USA, you need a special student visa. In addition, you will only get the visa if you are participating in an existing exchange program between a German and a US university.

What do I need to go to college?

For “Study Abroad” programs and summer sessions as well as for “Gap Year” programs, the Abitur or advanced technical college entrance qualification is sufficient in many cases. Some universities also set a minimum age for participation, which is usually 17 or 18 years.

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