What is the lesson of the fable?

What is the lesson of the fable?

The fable is a short narrative that contains a lesson for the reader. In fables there are so-called mythical animals or mythical creatures that embody human characteristics. They think and act like humans, that is, they are personified. The mythical creatures embody human stereotypes.

What is a lesson in the fable?

The teaching of the fable In fables, these typical behaviors and weaknesses of people are criticized in an entertaining way. This criticism is mostly expressed in a doctrine that can be found at the end of the fable.

What is portrayed in the introduction to a fable?

A short story is told that contains a moral, doctrine or generally accepted wisdom. The knowledge results directly from what happened. The staff of the fable consists mostly of animals, less often of plants or inanimate nature such as stones.

What are the characteristics of fables?

Features of the fable Animals and plants appear in the fable as people. Human weaknesses such as envy, stupidity, avarice, vanity and so on are the subject of the fables. Usually only 2 animals appear in the fable. No exact time is given in a fable.

What is the aim of the fable What do you want to achieve?

The fable aims to teach and entertain (fabula docet et delectat). According to Lessing, the fable should trace a general moral proposition back to a particular case and then present it in the form of a story. The author often uses the personification of the animals as protection against punishment or the like.

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