What is the marital status?

What is the marital status?

Swiss law has the following marital statuses: Single, married, divorced, widowed, unmarried – in a registered partnership, dissolved partnership: partnership dissolved by court, partnership dissolved by death, partnership dissolved by declaration of disappearance.

What is the marital status single?

single stands for: a person who has never been married, see marital status.

What is meant by marital status?

In addition to the name, place and date of birth or the number of children, marital status is part of the civil status data of a person and indicates whether they are single, married, divorced or widowed or whether they have a corresponding legal status with regard to a civil partnership.

What does single and in a relationship mean?

Which doesn’t rule out having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Liiert means you are bound. In the form of having a boyfriend, being engaged, being married. Single is a person who has never been married – Lied means having a relationship with a partner with whom you share your life.

What do I have to write about marital status?

The correct place for the indication of the marital status is the curriculum vitae. The marital status can be listed right at the beginning under the details of address, telephone numbers, date of birth, and place of birth. In the cover letter, however, the marital status has no place.

Is engaged a marital status?

There is no marital status “engaged”. In a résumé, the potential employer doesn’t want to know anything about the love life, but rather about bondage or not. Single is the correct information.

How do you indicate a part-time job on your résumé?

Part-time job / mini-job Name part-time or mini-jobs in your professional experience and briefly describe them if they are relevant to your job. Only mention irrelevant sideline jobs if there is a gap. For example: You are applying for a job as a hairdresser.

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