What is the maximum number of subsections?

What is the maximum number of subsections?

You can’t write that much about a sub-chapter. With 20 pages it should not be more than two levels.

How do I formats the table of contents?

Format the text of your table of contents Go to References> Table of Contents> Custom Table of Contents, select Modify. In the Styles list, click the layer that you want to change, and then click Change.

How do table of contents word?

Open Word and navigate to the “References” tab. In the top left corner you will find the “Table of Contents” button. Click with the mouse where you want to insert the directory and select an “Automatic directory”.

How can I update the table of contents?

Open your Word document and switch to the “References” tab at the top. Under the “Table of Contents” category, click on the “Update Table of Contents” or “Update Table” button.

How can I update all cross references in Word?

Update all cross-references in a file Select all of your text with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A. To do this, hold down the Ctrl key and then simultaneously press the letter A. Now press the F9 key above your letters on the keyboard.

How do I update the list of figures?

Word recreates the existing table of figures so that the changes are reflected. You can update the entire directory or just the page numbers. Press Ctrl, click the List of Figures, and then click Update Fields. Click the option you want.

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