what is the music for you

what is the music for you

For me, music means fun, relaxation, but also getting to know new things, rocking the familiar, broadening one’s own horizons, being able to remember certain moments, drawing strength, feeling feelings, feeling melodies.

Why should you listen to music?

We listen to music because we need amplification of our feelings and thoughts. The kind of music we listen to plays an important role. For many, it is the daily companion and the motivation to start the day. For many, it is relaxation, but also action.

Why is the music so bad today?

Profit, money and prestige One of the main reasons for the development of declining music today is certainly economic. A nice play on words. Accountants and corporations are profit-maximizing. It’s “only” about sales and profits.

How healthy is music?

Music not only sounds beautiful, it is also good for your health and can even support healing. The reason for these forces lies in the brain, because music stimulates so-called neuroplasticity, i.e. the ability of the brain to change its structures throughout life.

How can music heal?

The happiness hormone dopamine, which is particularly released when making music, is a real fountain of youth for the brain. Kölsch, who studied violin himself, also relies on the healing power of music for illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or depression.

What does singing do in the brain?

Singing makes you happy The fact that singing also has a positive effect on the psyche has been sufficiently proven by research. Several studies show that after just 30 minutes of singing, our brain produces increased levels of mood-enhancing hormones such as beta-endorphins and serotonin.

What does sing mean?

Singing (also: singing) is the musical use of the human voice and probably the oldest and most original form of human musical expression.

Why can man sing?

Singing strengthens the sense of community People are particularly dependent on social relationships and want to feel part of a group. According to Huron, the music probably arose to promote group cohesion.

What happens when you sing together?

On average, we breathe more when singing than when we are at rest, so singing supplies our bodies with more oxygen. The metabolism is boosted, blood pressure stabilizes, organs and the brain are better supplied with blood and the ability to concentrate increases.

When was singing invented?

Singen is one of the few places in the northern foothills of the Alps with an unbroken continuity of settlement since the Younger Stone Age (3,000 BC). The first written mention of the settlement “Sisinga” can be found in a Saint Gallic document from the year 787.

What is a singing voice?

Singing. Singing voices in musical works are roughly divided into the four voice ranges soprano, alto, tenor and bass according to pitch. The highest range of voices is the soprano (formerly also called treble), the high female and child voice named after the Latin supremus (“highest”).

How old is Hohentwiel?

People have been settling on the slopes of the Hohentwiel for 9000 years. Traces from the Neolithic Age, the Rössener culture, the La Hoguette group and the Celts have been proven. A first fortification of the mountain around the year 915 is proven. The medieval castle was constantly expanded.

What is voice training?

Vocal training is the training of the voice for speaking and singing.

How is the voice generated?

Various muscles and parts of the human body have to work together to produce the tones. Breathing – more precisely the exhaling – is the origin of every sound. If a sound is to be produced, air must first be inhaled and then pressed out through the larynx. The vocal folds are located on the larynx.

Where does the word voice come from?

When you talk or sing, the voice comes out of your mouth. But it has its origin somewhere else: there is a structure in your throat that is called the larynx. It is made up of cartilage, muscles and the vocal cords. It vibrates through the larynx and begins to make noise.

How is the voice structured?

The human voice is produced by the interaction of the vocal folds in the larynx and the insertion spaces. This narrowest point in the larynx is called the glottis. It is opened wide for breathing by abducting the relaxed vocal folds so that air can flow in and out unhindered.

Where does a deep voice come from?

Reason of the researchers: The sound of the voice depends crucially on the testosterone. A deep voice – triggered by a high level of testosterone – is an indication of particularly high fertility for women. Men who speak in a deep voice are therefore better suited to fathering children together.

What is the timbre of the voice?

The timbre of a mashed voice (“timbre”) comes about through the distribution and intensities of the fundamental and overtones resonating in it, or in physical terms, the timbre of a voice is determined by its characteristic overtone series, i.e. by the position, intensity and range of the …

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