What is the name of a temporary job on a resume?

What is the name of a temporary job on a resume?

Part-time job / mini-job Name part-time or mini-jobs in your professional experience and describe them briefly if they are relevant to your job. Only name non-relevant secondary jobs if there is a gap. For example: You are applying for a job as a hairdresser.

Where do you write internships on your resume?

In general, internships are mentioned in the CV, just like other professional stations. In a tabular curriculum vitae (which is standard today) with the time information according to the pattern MM/YYYY – MM/YYYY in the left column and the summary in the right column.

How many jobs in your resume?

Yes, in moderation this is perfectly acceptable. However, anyone who has worked for ten different employers must be brief with the CV job descriptions or only describe certain areas of activity in more detail, because these applicants should also limit their CV to two pages.

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