What is the name of the new nursing profession?

What is the name of the new nursing profession?

The federal government has reorganized the training of the nursing professions. This means that from January 1st, 2020 there will be a new nursing profession called Nursing Specialist.

What will change in elderly care in 2020?

From January 2020, the Nursing Professions Act will replace the previously applicable Elderly Care and Nursing Act. It is accompanied by a redesign of the previous nursing education. The aim is to modernize the training, make it more attractive and thus upgrade the nursing profession as a whole.

What is the new nurse training called?

A new job title was created for nursing staff: Nursing staff who have been trained since 2004 are now called health and nurses.

What is the nurse training like?

Nursing training is a combination of theoretical instruction at the nursing school and practical instruction in the hospital. In total, the training lasts 3 years full-time. The theoretical instruction at the nursing school lasts a total of 2,100 hours.

What is general education?

The new general nursing training is a three-year specialist training with classes at nursing schools and practical training at a training facility and other facilities from the different nursing areas.

How much does a Nursing Assistant make?

In the first year of training, trainees receive an average of 1100 euros gross per month, 1150 euros in the second and 1250 euros in the last year of training.

How much does a geriatric nurse earn net?

In the public sector, old people’s homes are subject to tariff conditions and therefore you can say exactly how high your geriatric nurse salary will be during your training….How high is the geriatric nurse salary really?1. Year of training876 €2. Year of training937 €3. Year of training 1038 €

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