What is the notice period?

What is the notice period?

The notice period is the period between the notice of termination and the resulting contract termination. The deadline enables the contracting parties to prepare for the termination of the contract and, if necessary, to look for other contracting parties.

Why is there a notice period?

A notice period ensures planning security for everyone involved. Companies can use notice periods to make initial forecasts for sales development in the near future. Private individuals have the option of looking for an adequate replacement in the event of termination during the period.

How do 14 days’ notice count?

The notice period is the period between the receipt of the notice of termination (the day on which you received the notice of termination) and the termination of the employment relationship. You therefore count 14 days from the day following the day on which you received the notice of cancellation.

What does a notice period of 2 weeks mean?

That means that if any party quits for no reason you have to continue working for two weeks until you are out. this applies to you as well as to your boss. It’s the same, but the two weeks go by quickly. But note that the termination must always be in writing.

What does 2 weeks’ notice mean during the trial period?

If the employment contract is open-ended and the probationary period is up to six months, the notice period is two weeks. If the trial period lasts longer than six months, the notice period is extended from two to four weeks.

When do I have to cancel if I have two weeks’ notice?

Statutory notice periods for employees Duration of the employment relationship Notice period 0 to 6 months (trial period) 2 weeks on any day from 7 months 4 weeks on the 15th or the end of the calendar month

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