What is the pluralization of life forms?

What is the pluralization of life forms?

The widespread thesis of the pluralization of life forms claims that in the course of progressive modernization of society, an ever greater variety of life and family forms is emerging. Pluralization can mean two things: 1. New forms of life and families emerge; 2.

What are the functions of the family?

What are the legal functions and obligations of the family? The family is under state protection, the rights and obligations of families and family members are regulated, for example, in maintenance, guardianship, adoption and inheritance law.

How can I share an app?

Tap on the app you want and scroll down to the section after the ratings. Here you will find the share icon.

How do you share an app?

You can also use it to transfer Android apps. Download the app to your Android device. Click the 3 dots on the bottom right to see more options. Click More and then Send Applications. From the list, select one or more apps that you want to send.

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