What is the salutation like at Divers?

What is the salutation like at Divers?

A person who identifies as diverse may feel closer to the male or female gender. Accordingly, she will prefer the form of address “Mr.” or “Ms.” and the corresponding pronouns “he / she” or “his / her”.

How do you write an email to several people?

If you are writing to several people, you can – theoretically – write all their names next to each other, for example like this: “Dear Mr. Meier, dear Mr. Müller,” “Dear Ms. Schniegelsiepen-Huttenstedt,” Hello everyone, / Hello everyone, “” Hello Colleagues / Good morning dear team! “Dear colleagues,

How do you write an email in German?

Write a letter or an e-mail To Ms / Ms … To Ms./Mr. … Dear Ms. (Müller),… Dear Ms. (Dear Ms. (Müller),… Dear Ms. (Dear (Eva),… Dear (Eva),… how are you? How are you? Yesterday I was … Yesterday I was … Thank you very much for your letter, I was very happy about it. Sorry, but …

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