What is the Standard Translation of the Bible?

What is the Standard Translation of the Bible?

The unit translation (EÜ) is a German translation of the Bible for liturgical use in Roman Catholic worship. The Bible, which is published by the Catholic Bible Works, was prepared by 19 Catholic theologians with the participation of Protestant theologians.

How do you find a passage in the Bible?

When a Bible verse is listed, the first thing you will see is the name of the book. Use the Bible table of contents to locate the book within. The table of contents is at the beginning of the Bible. Find the name in the overview and go to the page indicated for this book.

Are the Catholic and Protestant Bibles the same?

For Protestants it has been clear since Luther: “Sola Skriptura” – the Bible is the only source for the Word of God. Catholics, on the other hand, believe that the Bible alone is not sufficient, but that the Roman Catholic tradition is binding for Christians alongside the Holy Scriptures.

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