What is the structure of a ballad?

What is the structure of a ballad?

A ballad is a form of poetry. It is usually a multi-stanza narrative poem. In other words, a text that is structured by verses and stanzas and is characterized by rhymes (cf. rhyme forms, rhyme scheme), whereby there is very often a fixed meter, which, however, is not predetermined.

What is epic poetry and drama?

Epic is narrative poetry in verse or prose form. Poetry includes poems of all kinds and is characterized by stanzas and verses as well as rhymes and numerous rhetorical devices. Drama is acting poetry. The drama texts are written in dialogue form and are usually written for the theater.

What is a ballad simply explained?

A ballad is a type of poem. The word comes from the south of France. It stood for a song to dance to. In German, on the other hand, one means a poem that tells something.

What types of ballads are there?

Subtypes are the natural magic ballad (Goethe, »Erlkönig«), the dead magic ballad (Bürger, »Lenore«) and the fate ballad (Schiller, »Die Kraniche des Ibykus«).

Why is Erlkönig a ballad?

The ballad was originally translated by Johann Gottfried Herder. The term “Erlkönig” arose from the incorrect translation of the word Eller as ‘alder’. Goethe created the ballad as an interlude to the Singspiel Die Fischerin, in which the actress sings the ballad at work.

What is the glove for a ballad?

The ballad “Der Glove” by Friedrich Schiller is about abuse and the end of a love. When all the wild animals are gathered, Miss Kunigunde throws her glove between the big cats. She then asks the knight Delorges, who is courting her love, to bring her back the gauntlet.

What is the meter of the glove?

The first three verses are written in iambus. The continuation of this meter is expected, but not reciprocated by Schiller. “The Glove” is characterized by unfulfilled expectations. As the announced fighting game turns into a completely different one, the meter is changed abruptly, the cadence changes.

Who Throws the Glove in Schiller’s Ballad?

Miss Kunigunde receives him. And he throws the glove in her face: “Thanks, lady, I do not want them!”

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