What is the subject of each fable?

What is the subject of each fable?

Animals and plants appear as human beings in the fable. Human weaknesses such as envy, stupidity, avarice, vanity and so on are the subject of the fables. Usually only 2 animals appear in the fable. No exact time is given in a fable.

What are grade 6 fables?

The 6 most important characteristics of a fable: The fable is a short narrative that contains a lesson for the reader. In fables there are so-called mythical animals or mythical creatures that embody human characteristics. The animals in a fable are in a fight, which in the end is won by the stronger or smarter.

What is a counter action in fables?

In speech and counter-speech, action and counter-action, a dramatic event takes place that comes to a climax and culminates in a surprising moment, a punch line. At the end of the fable (solution) the result is reported. The poet’s intention emerges from the interpretation of the fable.

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