What is the theoretical background?

What is the theoretical background?

A theoretical background adds another chapter to the literature part of a scientific work. Here the focus is placed on a specific theory, model or other mental construct. This can later serve as a basis for the theoretical classification of the results.

What is a theoretical work?

In a theoretical work, the chosen topic is developed and researched exclusively on the basis of existing literature (also: literature study). In an empirical work, the research is carried out directly on the object of investigation and then documented in the technical work.

What is a literature work?

A literary work is a scientific work that examines a topic using existing literature. It is an alternative to empirical research. You collect relevant literature on your research question and critically examine the texts.

What is meant by empirical?

empiricism [ɛmpiˈʀiː] (from ἐμπειρία empeiría ‘experience, empirical knowledge’) is a methodical-systematic collection of data. Findings from empirical data are sometimes called empiricism for short.

What are empirical results?

“Empirical” means a fact-based approach in science and research. Here, knowledge is gained systematically from measurable or observable, verifiable results, not from theoretical considerations.

What does it mean to work scientifically?

Working scientifically means being critical, questioning, specifying, starting with your own thinking, leading to comprehensible results and relying on scientific results.

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