What is the written past?

What is the written past?

Past. You mainly use the past tense when you want to report on something that has already happened. It is mainly used in written language. So it is used for essays and when writing stories and reports.

When do you use which past tense?

We use the German tense Präteritum (imperfect, past tense) for stories and reports in the past, especially in written language. In oral language use, we often use the perfect tense instead of the past tense.

What is the oral past?

The past tense is mainly used when writing. In novels, stories, tales, and essays, the past tense is usually used unless you want to express that you want a particular passage to sound as if it were being told orally.

What is the second past?

Verb tense past (preterite), the 2nd past (perfect) and the future.

what is the past

The past (abbr.: Verg., Vrg.) is the set of all past events. Depending on the subject area, there are different opinions as to how far back an event must be in order to speak of the past.

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