What is typical for authors of rubble literature?

What is typical for authors of rubble literature?

Characteristics of rubble literature The rubble literature broke with old traditions, both in terms of content and form. Old norms and beautiful forms were rejected, the new literature should be honest and realistic. Many authors described the world in a neutral language in their works.

What are the characteristics of the texts of rubble literature?

Characteristics of the rubble literature Simple language: The model was the American short stories, Short Stories, with their concise and simple style. The language is not only simple, but also unpoetic. The central theme is the destruction, both that of the cities and the destroyed dreams of the people. More entries … •

What does Heinrich Böll mean by rubble literature?

Günther Stocker: In the history of literature, rubble literature is the name for a certain post-war literature that deals with the consequences of the war, the destroyed cities and livelihoods, the ruins and trauma, but at the same time also with the recent past, ie …

What is clear-cut literature?

The so-called rubble or clear-cut literature described the immediate experience of the war and the post-war from the point of view of the “common people”. Representatives of the rubble literature were WOLFGANG BORCHERT, HANS ERICH NOSSACK, ERNST SCHNABEL, WOLFDIETRICH SCHNURRE, WOLFGANG WEYRAUCH, ALFRED ANDERSCH and GÜNTHER EICH.

Why were many short stories written in the post-war period?

The material limitation to the short story of the post-war period initially serves literary-theoretical requirements. This is especially true for the short story of the post-war period: In terms of salary, she tries to deal with burdens from the past in order to be able to cope better with life in the future.

Why are short stories short?

Short stories are one of the most well-known forms of text, and their name is derived from the American short stories. Short stories are mainly characterized by their brevity, which is why we can usually recognize them by their very compressed content.

Why were short stories written?

The short story prompts the reader for interpretation. Their open form does not dictate anything, but leaves room for your own thoughts. The event described often refers to more complex problems. The statements in the short story can be inferred using leitmotifs, metaphors or other stylistic devices.

What is special about a short story?

A short story is always told chronologically and linearly, so there are no leaps in time or parallel actions. The narrator usually stays in the background for the whole story and does not interfere in the plot.

What makes a good short story?

“A good short story has to be one thing above all – captivating. There is not a lot of space and time, you shouldn’t open universes that you don’t get filled, but try to tell in a nutshell what happens, how, where and when. “

What are the characteristics of a narrative?

It is essential that it is a rather short story, which usually has a clear introduction, a main part and an ending and shows a clear plot, which distinguishes it from the nested novel, whereby it does not meet the strict criteria of novels and short stories …

What types of stories are there?

Fable. A fable is a short narrative with an instructive intention. Short story. The short story is a very new form of epic and is derived from the English “short story”. Fairy tale. Parabola. Novel. Satire. Saying.

What makes a good narrator?

What is a good storyteller? The narrator is a mediator. With his stories, the narrator invites you to take a picture of his enthusiasm for the fantastic, the uncanny and the fairytale. He wants to share his dismay, joy and amazement with others.

What is so interesting about history?

The preoccupation with history should convey something to young people about their origin, the change and development of society, the possibilities of social coexistence and ultimately something about their own identity, so that they can make their own, free decisions in the future …

Why is story telling important?

Because: “Stories combine facts with emotions such as fun, excitement or amazement. The more detailed you paint out what you want to convey to others, the more power a story develops. ”Sigrid Hauer mentions the annual balance sheet press conference as an example of the use of storytelling.

How can I tell exciting stories?

Language tips Use verbatim speech. Using literal speech will make it more engaging for your reader. Use strong verbs (see word list) and clear adjectives. Use suspense maker like suddenly, then and all at once. Write in the past tense.

How can I tell a story?

Learning Storytelling: How To Tell A Good StoryLearn From The Best. Make sure you understand why you are telling the story. Tell authentic stories. Make yourself vulnerable. Reach the heart of the audience. Also appeal to the minds of the audience. Pick up your audience.

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