What is typical for short stories?

What is typical for short stories?

A short story is always told chronologically and linearly, so there are no leaps in time or parallel actions. The narrator usually stays in the background throughout the story and doesn’t interfere with the plot.

What type of text is this?

In linguistics or text linguistics, the term text type is not uniformly defined. In principle, however, the text type can be viewed as a group (see genre) of texts (written as well as oral) that are characterized by certain bundles of characteristics.

What is a short prose text?

The short story is a modern literary form or genre of prose whose main characteristic is its brevity. This is often achieved by heavily compressing the content. The term is a loan translation of the English term short story.

How to write a short story analysis

Start with a synopsis. In the introductory sentence, state the type of text, title, author, year of publication, main characters and topic of the short story. Summarize the content of the short story briefly and in the main action steps. Write in the present tense.

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