What is your motivation to change?

What is your motivation to change?

Motivation for a job change “Motivation for a change” is what HR managers call it in technical jargon, and it is always based on personal goals. Anyone who formulates this as positively as possible and can perhaps even link it to the advertised job in the interview will score points with HR managers.

How do you justify a job change?

Examples to justify your job changeI would like to further develop myself professionally/personally. The job change is for family reasons. I aim for an international orientation. I would like to see new structures as a result of the job change. I would like to get to know a new industry.

How do I tell my boss I’m unhappy?

Dissatisfied? How to approach the boss interview Make an appointment. Think of good arguments. Watch your body language. Refrain from assigning blame. Give specific examples. Offer suggested solutions. Practice the conversation beforehand.

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