What is your notice availability?

What is your notice availability?

Sample sets for working people with a contractually regulated notice period (1) My notice period is XXX. Example: I am available to you with a notice period of 6 weeks at the end of the month. (3) Due to my notice period of XXX, I am available at short notice. 7 additional lines •

Where do you specify salary expectations in your application?

Your salary expectations should appear at the end of the cover letter in your application. There are different approaches to formulating the salary expectation: Clear and simple: My salary expectation is 45,000 euros gross per year.

When are you entitled to a raise?

As a rule of thumb and with really good arguments, that can be between five and ten percent more. At the end of the trial period you will be closer to five than ten percent. Realistically, larger salary jumps are only to be expected after two to three years in the job – or when changing jobs.

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