What keyboard shortcut for slash?

What keyboard shortcut for slash?

The backslash is on the German keyboard on the same key as the ß (Eszett) and can be produced with the key combination Alt Gr + ß.

Where does the hyphen go?

Typography: The hyphen is not a dash! It is located between the Period and Right Shift keys. More keyboard layouts can be found in the Wikipedia article. You can read all the rules again on the Duden website.

How do I make a hyphen?

On a standard keyboard, this works quickly and easily with the key combination Ctrl + minus sign, where the minus sign means the one on the numeric keypad on the right. Insert the dash: bottom left key + top right key.

Where is the dash on the keyboard?

To insert a dash in Word itself Press at the same time [Strg] + [-]. If this combination does not work, hold the [Umschalt]button pressed. However, this only works with the minus key on the number block on your keyboard.

How do you put a dash?

A word about typography: A correct dash is a long dash. You generate it by typing on the Windows keyboard [Strg] + [-] press, on Mac [alt] + [-].

What is a counterscore?

backstroke. The counter-slash marks a contrast; it is an em dash and is always set with spaces, for example in the match between Bayern Munich and 1. FC Karlsruhe. The em dash with spaces can inhibit the flow of reading because it is perceived as a dash.

Which line between numbers?

The bis-dash and the stretch-dash appear without spaces between numbers or words. However, they should be inserted with a slightly larger letter spacing: A bulleted list is used to structure a list.

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