What kind of Abitur average do you need to study engineering?

What kind of Abitur average do you need to study engineering?

You should unofficially have at least a ~2 in mathematics and at least some basic knowledge in physics and computer science. At some universities you don’t need an NC for mechanical engineering, but the course is said to be very difficult for some.

Which subjects have an NC?

The following subjects are traditionally affected by the NC: medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, psychology, pharmacy and law.

What numerus clausus for teaching?

If you would like to study for other types of school, i.e. Hauptschule, Realschule or Gymnasium, the course is often completely admission-free, so you just have to apply. If you want to study to become a teacher with a focus on special schools, then you have to expect an NC of around 2.4.

Is it hard to become an elementary school teacher?

Hardly in the job, many teachers are already burned out or overwhelmed. Becoming a teacher is not difficult, but being a teacher is very difficult – according to a long-term study by the educational researcher Udo Rauin, it is already apparent during their studies whether prospective teachers are unsuitable. …

What qualities should a good teacher have?

A good teacher must be patient and able to teach the students something well. The qualities that make a good teacher are: – good at explaining tasks, – being patient, – having a sense of humor, – being able to get things done, – asserting the subject matter, – must also be strict.

What is a good teacher?

From the students’ point of view, the good teacher ensures a pleasant atmosphere in the class, treats all students with respect, has a sense of humor and nerves of steel, responds to everyone individually, picks them up where they are, is fair and fair in her assessments comprehensible, designed the …

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