What kind of qualification do you have after vocational school?

What kind of qualification do you have after vocational school?

With the vocational school leaving certificate, you automatically receive the secondary school leaving certificate after class 10. You will achieve the Fachoberschulreife (FOR) if you have achieved at least an average grade of 3.0 on your vocational school leaving certificate and can demonstrate at least 80 hours of English.

What are the vocational schools?

The vocational school is one of the two places of learning of the dual training….Apprenticeship trades and crafts.Industry.Commerce.Bank and insurance.Transport and traffic.Tourism and leisure industry.Information and consulting.

Who registers the trainee for the examination?

The trainer must register the trainee with his consent for the examination. The candidate is usually registered for the final examination in writing using forms that the chambers send out regularly.

How does the teaching work?

HOW DOES THE TEACHING WORK? The apprenticeship differs significantly from your previous school education. Most of the time they don’t learn in a school but in a company. There you will acquire the technical know-how required for your job.

what is the lesson

An apprenticeship is complete professional training. This means that after your apprenticeship you can practice your trade as a skilled worker. Unlike at school, the focus of the apprenticeship is on practical training in a company.

Who can do an apprenticeship?

Entry into an apprenticeship takes place after completing 9 years of compulsory schooling. Apprenticeships are also an interesting option for those who drop out of school and graduates from secondary and higher schools.

How old do you have to be to do an apprenticeship?

When can I start an apprenticeship? In order to start an apprenticeship, you must have completed compulsory schooling. That means you must have gone to school for 9 years.

Can you still do an apprenticeship at 21?

Second chance of education: Apprenticeship certificate for adults The second chance of education makes it possible. It’s never too late for an apprenticeship, even if you’ve already turned 20 or 30.

How often do you go to school during your apprenticeship?

Your lessons at the vocational school comprise around eight to 12 hours a week, so you have around 1-2 vocational school days a week. You will spend the rest of the training time in your training company, but your hours at the vocational school are still considered normal working hours.

How much can one miss in training?

There is no rule of thumb as to how many days you can be sick or not. It depends very much on the individual case. Unless there is something special, such as a serious illness or a broken bone, etc., there should not be more than 10 days of absence per year.

How many hours do you have to have in vocational school?

An example: The vocational school runs from 8:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The trainee spends 4 hours and 15 minutes in class. It also takes him 30 minutes to get to and from school. In principle, he can therefore credit a total of 4 hours and 45 minutes to the working time.

How is the vocational school time counted?

According to Section 15 (2) No. 1 BBiG, a day at vocational school with more than 5 teaching hours (45 minutes each) once a week counts towards the statutory working time (40 hours) with the average daily training time as working time.

Will the way to vocational school be considered working time?

The time spent at vocational school is therefore normally to be counted towards the contractual working time. If the trainee has to return to the company, the journey from the vocational school to the company is counted towards the working time.

Is a vocational school day a working day?

If individual teaching days take place, one vocational school day per week is counted as a full working day (8-hour day) if more than five teaching hours take place. In the case of block lessons, no work may be carried out throughout the week if at least 25 hours are spent at vocational school on five days.

Is a school hour a working hour?

A school lesson does NOT count as a working hour, since a school lesson usually only has 45 minutes and NOT 60 minutes. Yes, the working hours were calculated in 45 minute increments and every 4 hours 30 minutes break.

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