What kind of scholarships are there?

What kind of scholarships are there?

What scholarships are there in Germany? Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. The German National Academic Foundation is the oldest and largest organization for the promotion of talented students in Germany. Germany scholarship. Haniel Foundation. Gerda Henkel Foundation. Promos. Erasmus. Christine Nüsslein Vollhard Foundation. MAWISTA.More entries… •

Is the Deutschlandstipendium a gifted sponsorship?

The tried and tested and very successful work of the gifted support organizations is supplemented with the Germany Scholarship by funding that is awarded by the universities and for the first time consistently combines private and public funding: half of the 300 euros per month is financed by …

What is the tuition fee?

Students receive a basic scholarship of up to 670 euros per month, which is based on BAföG and is calculated based on their own income and assets as well as on the income of their parents. In addition, they receive a flat-rate study fee of 300 euros per month.

When will I get a notification as to whether I will receive the Germany Scholarship?

When will I be informed whether I have been selected for the Germany Scholarship? You will probably receive a notification in the course of October as to whether you will receive the Germany Scholarship and will then have to declare your acceptance.

When are scholarships paid out?

When and in what mode are the scholarships paid out? Payment is made twice a year. After the submission deadline has expired, you have to be patient for 6-8 weeks. During this time, your application will be checked and appraised.

How long does the Germany Scholarship last?

The universities pay the Germany scholarship directly to the students. Funding usually lasts at least two semesters. But a longer duration is also possible.

Who is entitled to a scholarship?

The scholarship is based on the budget deficit, with a full scholarship currently amounting to at least CHF 16,000 in 19 cantons. In principle, students up to at least 36 years of age (beginning of studies) are eligible for scholarships in the concordat cantons.

Who awards the germany scholarship?

The Germany scholarship is paid directly to the scholarship holders by the universities. The funding is awarded regardless of income and can also be obtained in addition to BAföG.

What kind of average do you need for a scholarship?

There is no general grade point average or numerus clausus to qualify for a scholarship.

Why are there scholarships?

The primary goal of a scholarship is to support talented, but usually also financially needy people (especially young people) financially and thus to enable or facilitate training or further education for them.

What is a dedicated grant?

The foundation promotes the academic training of talented young students of suitable character according to their disposition. For this purpose, the foundation grants the scholarship holders a special purpose, interest-free loan. Funding is generally granted up to 500 euros per month.

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