What kind of texts are there?

What kind of texts are there?

Types of texts factual text (factual text) argumentation. Letter. Discussion. Instructions for use. device description. Interview. Sermon. advertisement Recipe. broadcast message. Vacancy. literary text (fictional text) ballad. detective story. Fable. Poem. Comedy. nativity play. short story. Legend. Fairy tale. novella.

What types of text are there in German?

Different types of textThe anecdote.The ballad. Student work.The fable.The calendar story.The short story.Poems (poetry)Fairy tales.Factual texts.

What types of journalistic texts are there?

What is a journalistic text?The news. A message informs about an event or a fact in a concise form. The message. The message is a small form of message. The report. The report. The interview. The comment. The critic. The service text.

What is an appeal text?

They want to persuade readers to agree or encourage them to deal with a certain opinion. An appeal is a request: the author would like to ask you to think along or perhaps even to become active. Appeal texts indicate a clear position.

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