What line spacing for technical work?

What line spacing for technical work?

As a rule, a line spacing of 1.5 is used for the running text and a line spacing of 1. For the footnotes, it is up to you which font you choose. In any case, you should use a common font for your bachelor or master thesis, for example Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman.

In what font size do you write a thesis?

When working on A4 paper, it is best to choose 11pt or 12pt as the font size. The font type for the specialist work at the Leopoldinum should be the serif fonts “Times New Roman” or “Garamond” or the sans serif font “Arial”. The character spacing should be normal. The line spacing should be 1.5.

What font size can you still read?

A font size of six points (nonpareille) is generally considered to be the smallest permanently legible font size. However, there are also printed products with even smaller font sizes. For example, the Pearl Bible was printed consistently with 5-point (Pearl) fonts. Pearl Bibles are still printed today.

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