What makes a good guiding question?

What makes a good guiding question?

The key question should have the following characteristics: It describes a problem. It cannot be answered with a mere list, “yes / no” or a definition. This means that the research question must not be too superficial.

What is the key question?

A key question is so precious that everyone should stroke it as soon as he or she has it. In doing so, they are often criminally ignored. A key question is to narrow down the topic. It is sometimes called problematizing.

What is a scientific question?

A scientific question differs from an ordinary question in that it seeks a very concrete answer in a specific subject area. And not just any answer, but one whose answer can be understood by anyone at any time.

What does housework include?

The term paper is structured according to a fixed pattern: It consists of an introduction, a main part and a final part with a conclusion / outlook. The formal requirements also include the title page, structure and bibliography. You should definitely stay away from cheating like copy-paste or ghostwriting!

What makes a very good housework?

A term paper in the BA area should be around 15 pages long, in the MA area no longer than 25 pages. Long work is often not a quality feature but a sign that the question was formulated too imprecisely! It doesn’t matter which citation conventions you choose.

How many footnotes should a term paper have?

As a rule of thumb, I would use 5-10 footnotes per page. But that also depends on what you represent. If a dispute is currently being portrayed, there can be more.

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