What makes the life of Jesus Christ so special?

What makes the life of Jesus Christ so special?

For them, Jesus was the Son of God who came into the world to save all people from sin and death, who accepted the death penalty, was raised by God, now lives for all time and always reminds himself anew until he will make his message true himself at the end of time.

What does historical research about Jesus bring?

She researches Jesus of Nazareth in the writings of early Christianity and other sources of antiquity. Using historical-critical methods, she reconstructs the main features of his public work.

What is special about Jesus?

Christians believe that Jesus is not only the child of Mary, but also the son of God, whom people called “Christ”. That means something like “the Redeemer”. The name Jesus Christ aptly describes the two sides of his special personality. Not much is known about the real life of Jesus.

What does the Bible say about the church?

The community, the ekklesia, is the gathering of people called out by God. To the church of God that is in Corinth, to those who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus, to the called saints.

What is the Church of God?

The term Church of God comes from the Bible and describes all those who believe in Christ or their local assembly.

What do you do in the community?

It is in the communities that the individual comes most directly into contact with public affairs: electricity supply, refuse collection and social assistance are municipal tasks. At the same time, this is where citizens are most likely to have an opportunity to get involved.

What are the responsibilities of a municipality?

Obligatory tasks according to instructions (instruction tasks). Tasks where the municipalities can decide for themselves whether and how they fulfill them. These include, for example, sports facilities, cultural institutions, libraries, parks and youth centers, but also tasks such as business or tourism promotion.

Who decides what in the community?

Basically, the following applies: According to Article 28, paragraph 2 of the Basic Law, the municipalities have the right to regulate all matters of the local community within the framework of the law on their own responsibility. The municipalities can therefore decide for themselves what happens on site within the framework of the general laws.

Is a city also a municipality?

The municipal level or municipal level is the political level that is assigned to the area of ​​a local authority. In Germany, the districts also belong to the municipal level. It should be noted that in Germany every city is a municipality, but not every municipality is a city.

What is the difference between a municipality and a city?

The commune is a political and administrative entity with its own territory. It is a regional authority and forms the lowest level in the administrative structure of the Federal Republic of Germany. The term municipality is also used as a synonym; larger communities are referred to as cities. …

What is the political community?

Political municipality This means that all matters not expressly reserved by the constitution and law to the canton, the federal government or a special municipality fall within the competence of the political municipality. In some cantons, the political municipalities u.

Is a municipality an authority?

The local government is the part of the public administration that exercises municipal sovereignty as a right similar to a fundamental right as a city, municipal and district administration as well as a special-purpose association in its capacity as an authority or administrative body.

What are government agencies?

Term: State organizational unit that is incorporated into the structure of the external constitution of the state on a legal basis. Authorities are bearers of public rights; they have to administer all affairs of the state with state authority.

Is the government an agency?

In the federal states of Germany, the middle authority of the state administration formed at the level of the administrative districts is called the regional council or district government. In Bavaria, this authority is simply called the government, for example the government of Upper Bavaria.

Is the Council an authority?

Then the Council must be an authority. According to § 1 II VwVfG (NRW), an authority is any body that performs public administration tasks. responsible. In this respect, it performs public administration tasks and is an authority in the functional sense. (Unlike when the Council takes legislative action, e.g.

Is the mayor an authority?

As an organ, the mayor or mayor is the institutional authority of the municipality. In his function as an authority, the mayor performs public administration tasks and is therefore part of the executive (cf.

Is the mayor also a municipal councilor?

The mayor is a (born) member of the municipal council, but not a municipal councillor. Art. 31 para.

What is a referendum or a referendum?

Citizens’ petitions and referendums are instruments that can be used at the municipal level to get involved directly in the political decision-making and decision-making process on a factual issue.

What is a referendum?

A referendum is an instrument of direct democracy in Germany at the municipal level. All citizens of a municipality who are entitled to vote can decide on a factual issue put to the vote in a referendum based on the principles of free, equal and secret elections.

How does a citizen’s petition work?

The citizens’ initiative is an instrument of direct democracy in Germany at the municipal level. This motion, which must be signed by a certain number of eligible voters, is called a citizens’ petition. At the state and federal level, this procedure is referred to as a referendum.

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