What month is October?

What month is October?

October is the tenth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. He has 31 days.

What is happening in October?

In autumn the days get shorter. Less light falls on the leaves and temperatures drop. The trees perceive these harbingers of winter. Like many other creatures, trees prepare for winter.

What is typical for October?

Thanksgiving. Already since the 3rd German reunification. What would Germany and the world look like today if not on the 9th day of German unity. Every year on October 3rd, Germans celebrate the Day of German Unity. Fly a kite. To collect chestnuts. Halloween. all saints day martin day

What is typical for November?

Typical for November: Fog, rain and fog alternate; the sun is a dim spot in the sky. There are also autumn storms and possibly the first wet snowflakes. In previous centuries, with the approaching winter, wolves also came near human settlements.

What can you do in autumn?

99 things to do in autumnfly a kite.pick apples.let the wind blow in your face.whirl up leaves with your feet.collect chestnuts.splash through puddles of rain.gather mushrooms in the an umbrella.

What can you see in autumn?

Autumn is the transitional period between summer and winter in the temperate zones of the world. Now the leaves of the trees are turning brightly colored, and many types of grain and fruit are now ripe – it’s harvest time.

Which animals are active in autumn?

They include storks, thrushes, swallows, nightingales, swifts, cranes, ducks and many more. All these bird species prepare their journey to Africa, South Asia or the Mediterranean region in autumn so that they can be on their way in time before the cold snap.

What to do with friends in autumn

What to do in autumn 100 colorful ideasBuild your own kite…. and let the kite fly.Buy fresh autumn fruit at the market.Feast on feather whites and onion tart.Gather mushrooms in the forest – here are some important tips for beginners.Pick apples.Celebrate Thanksgiving.Carve a Halloween pumpkin.

What to do against boredom in autumn?

Visit the flea market or autumn market: In many places, special markets take place in autumn, whether flea market, farmer’s market or the first Advent markets at the end of the season. Here you can browse for decorations, delicacies and gifts and thus drive away the boredom of autumn.

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