What motivates me to work here?

What motivates me to work here?

In addition to financial incentives, for example, the work environment, supervisors or colleagues can motivate them at work. The intrinsic motivation comes from within and is based on the joy of the job itself: The work is fun and motivates by itself.

Why am I the right one for the job?

Repeat where your strengths lie, which successes speak for you and which professional experiences distinguish you. You should also describe exactly what appeals to you at the point. I am the right person for this position because I have extensive and many years of experience in sales.

Why did I choose this particular profession?

Why did you choose this profession? Make it clear that your choice of career was not a coincidence. Describe your motivation. It is good if a common thread is recognizable up to your current job.

Why did I apply?

Solidarity with the company, money problems, the vision to achieve great things, lack of alternatives: there are many reasons to apply for a job. But not all of them will please the potential new employer.

Why did you choose this training?

Why did you choose the apprenticeship? I was looking for a secure job that offers me perspectives, that I enjoy and in which I can realize myself. In my private life I have often done tax returns not only for myself but also for relatives.

Why do you want to change jobs?

So look to the future instead of the past. Present yourself authentically. Convince the HR manager of your motivation for the new position. He doesn’t want to have the feeling that you want to “get away” from your previous job, but rather “towards” the new one.

Why did you change so often?

Explain a lot of job changes in the interview. They really changed often. Talking about your new job: Every new employer has to be convinced of your strengths, experience and your ability to work with you as long as possible or as long-term as possible.

Why did you quit your job?

You were fired because you were overwhelmed, your professional qualifications were insufficient or you had difficulties with the team? It makes a particularly good impression at your interview if you can prove that you have already overcome these deficits.

What do you write in an application if you have been terminated?

The most important things in a nutshell: An application after a termination should always deal with the topic openly and honestly and never withhold the previous termination. If you quit yourself, you can mention it. However, you should never express yourself negatively about your old employer.

Is the application in another company a reason for termination?

An application to another company does not constitute a reason for termination.

What is the reason for the termination?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no obligation to state a reason for termination, so you do not have to and should not state it. You are not legally obliged to state a reason for termination in the letter of termination.

When is it possible to terminate the contract for behavioral reasons?

The employer can only terminate the employee for behavioral reasons if the warning has no effect. In the event of serious breaches of duty, however, termination can also be made without a warning. Another milder means can be a transfer of the employee.

How can I best be terminated?

Let’s give notice: Is it easy to do? Seek a conversation with the employer. This is the cleanest and, above all, the most honest way to be terminated. To provoke a resignation. Of course, there is also the possibility of provoking a termination by the employer.

What must be in a timely termination?

According to Section 623 of the German Civil Code (BGB), timely termination must be in writing to be effective. The electronic form is excluded. It is not necessary to state a reason for termination in the letter of termination. The works council has to be heard both before a termination without notice and before an ordinary notice of termination.

How to properly write a termination employer?

Dear Ms. Jacobsen, I hereby terminate my existing employment contract with your company in an orderly and timely manner on the next possible date. I would like to thank you very much for the good cooperation over the past few years.

How do I write a notice of termination in due time?

Dear Mr. Muster, I hereby terminate my employment contract properly and in good time on the next possible date. Please confirm the receipt of the cancellation and the termination date. I ask for a qualified job reference to be issued.

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