What must a bachelor thesis contain?

What must a bachelor thesis contain?

The bachelor thesis contains all the important basic elements of an academic paper: cover sheet, table of contents, introduction, main part, conclusion, list of sources and possibly appendices as well as an affidavit.

How often can you repeat the bachelor thesis?

Repeat possible? First of all, you have to find out whether you can even repeat the bachelor thesis. had not yet made use of this option. ” In good German this means: you can usually repeat your bachelor thesis once.

How many attempts do you have on the bachelor thesis?

Second attempt – can you repeat the bachelor thesis? Normally yes. The examination regulations of your universities define what happens if a student fails his bachelor thesis and how many attempts he is entitled to do in total. That’s usually two or three.

How many hours a day for a bachelor thesis?

You have two options: Either you decide to work at least two and a maximum of four hours on your bachelor thesis every day, or you write at least one page every day.

How many hours a day for a master’s thesis?

You are not a machine that can work three to six months. Six hours of concentrated work a day, five days a week, is enough.

What does it cost to have a bachelor thesis written?

For comparison: The costs for a 40-page bachelor thesis are between approx. 2890 euros and 3200 euros (with empirical data). For a housework, however, you only have to pay 740 to 900 euros.

What happens if ghostwriting is discovered?

Some ghostwriters copy entire blocks of text and paste them into the new work. There is a high risk for students that these sections will be exposed during a plagiarism check. Then not only is the need for an explanation great – severe penalties also threaten.

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