What must a family doctor be able to do?

What must a family doctor be able to do?

In addition to the treatment of diseases, the specialist in general medicine deals with the area of ​​​​prevention, such as vaccinations and nutritional advice. He also accompanies patients in their rehabilitation phase after hospital treatment or serious illness.

What does a doctor get for an examination?

A doctor receives a flat rate per patient and quarter, regardless of the number of visits, the diagnosis or the treatment! This lump sum is currently an average of 22.00 (corresponds to 650 points) in the field of orthopedics.

How much money does a family doctor get?

How much do practice doctors earn?DepartmentAverage Monthly salary (gross) – net income Ear, nose and throat doctor 12,300 euros Gynecologist 12,000 euros Pediatrician 11,600 euros General practitioner 11,500 euros9 •

How are the doctors paid by the health insurer?

The statutory health insurance companies pay a flat rate per insured person to the regionally responsible Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV). The amount also includes the expenses for co-insured but non-contributory family members (e.g. children or non-earning spouses).

Who pays doctors in the hospital?

As a general rule, members of statutory health insurance are free to choose among the doctors and facilities authorized to provide contract medical care. The health insurance patient is therefore tied to doctors who have a health insurance license.

How do health insurance companies make their money?

The GKV is financed by contributions and federal grants as well as other income. In principle, the contributions are borne by the members of the health insurance fund and the employers, pension insurance institutions or other bodies depending on their income and go to the health fund.

What contributions does the health insurance company receive?

The statutory general contribution rate is 14.6 percent of the income subject to contributions. The reduced contribution rate is 14.0 percent of the income subject to contributions. It applies to members who are not entitled to sick pay.

What is covered by health insurance?

In general, the statutory health insurance (GKV) covers all costs for the entire treatment of illnesses, including the necessary diagnostic measures, medication, remedies and aids, preventive care, aftercare, sick pay payments and much more.

When does a doctor get his money?

Each doctor initially receives a discount from his or her regional association of statutory health insurance physicians. On the basis of his statement, the exact amount of the payment is then determined using the medical services provided, their point values ​​and the value of a point in the region.

How much does a doctor get?

How much do doctors earn in the hospital?JobAverage annual salary (gross)Chief Physician150,000 – 450,000 eurosSenior Physician90,000 – 165,000 eurosSpecialist 70,000 – 95,000 eurosResident 55,000 – 70,000 euros

How much does a general practitioner earn?

For example, while the average monthly net income of an orthopedist is EUR 6343, a general practitioner receives EUR 5017 and a psychotherapist only EUR 2657. There are additional differences within the same specialty when doctors work in different federal states.

What does a general practitioner with his own practice earn?

As a general practitioner, you have an income of 319,000 euros in a single practice. After deducting expenses such as personnel and material costs, the practice owner has a net income of 172,000 euros per year.

What does a resident general practitioner earn?

According to this, a general practitioner in Bavaria earns between 5,950 and around 11,000 euros gross per month.

How much does a doctor earn net per month?

Doctor’s salary in Germany Our most important neighbor and the so-called dream goal of many graduates: As a doctor in the public sector at a university clinic, you earn around 51,749 euros gross in Germany when you are hired. After deducting taxes and such, a net amount of 29,552 euros remains.

How much does a surgeon make per month?

The average starting salary for surgeons is between 44 euros gross per month.

How much does a Dermatologist make?

A dermatologist who runs an individual practice earns an average of 377,000 euros a year. He spends a little more than half of his income (51.9%) on expenses, with personnel costs accounting for 25.7% of expenses. The practice operator has 181,000 euros as net income at the end of the year.

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