What must be in an expert opinion?

What must be in an expert opinion?

Reports must be structured logically, clearly structured and reduced to the essentials. All results and conclusions presented must be justified and understandable. The expert opinion must be clear, impartial and methodological consistency.

What can you do against a false report?

If the court then relies on these false statements, this can have significant negative consequences for you: dismissal, conviction, financial loss. A claim for damages against the expert can remedy this.

Can you sue an appraiser?

The liability of experts. In general, it can be said that an expert according to § 839a BGB can be claimed for damages. This is especially the case if an incorrect expert opinion has been drawn up, which then leads to an incorrect judgment.

Can I refuse my reviewer?

Of course, you can have an appraiser “refuse”. That works if the reviewer is biased or if he has no idea. To do this, however, you have to provide evidence. You are also free to submit a counter-opinion.

What is an expert not allowed to do?

8.1.1 The expert may not be subject to any outside influence during the provision of his service that is suitable to influence his findings, assessments and conclusions in such a way that the required objectivity of the service and the credibility of his statements are no longer guaranteed.

Can you contest an appraisal?

Court opinion – more than just evidence In reality, however, it looks different: a court opinion is difficult to contest. The other side may ask the expert questions about his report, but ultimately an expert will always defend his argument.

Is it possible to appeal against an expert opinion?

Basically, you have to know that you cannot object to a medical report. With an objection to the medical report, you can, for example, ensure that a counter-report is drawn up by another doctor.

What is a judicial opinion?

Expert opinions are evidence in the context of judicial proceedings and are intended to clarify the facts. Experts thus support the legal finding. A distinction must be made, however, between a party report and the appraiser appointed by the court.

Who can draw up a psychological report?

Clinical-psychological reports are prepared exclusively by clinical psychologists, health psychological reports by health psychologists.

Who does an appraisal of a house?

Since the appraisal is drawn up by independent and publicly appointed, sworn appraisers for real estate, it is also admissible as evidence in court. It is not necessary to draw up an appraisal if you want to sell your property and all owners are in agreement about it.

Who can prepare a damage report?

In principle, experts are responsible for the preparation of vehicle appraisals.

How do I become an expert?

Above-average specialist knowledge should be available. The latest state of science must be observed. The expert must be able to draw up a qualified and objective report. The expert must work economically and personally independently.

How does a vehicle appraiser bill?

First of all, there is a basic fee, which can be between 120 euros and 1,500 euros, depending on the amount of damage. In addition, additional costs have to be paid, such as postage, telephone calls or journeys. The appraiser can invoice these costs.

How much does a vehicle expert earn?

If you work as a motor vehicle expert, you will probably earn at least € 35,000 and in the best case € 51,200. The average salary is € 42,900. Anyone looking for a job as a motor vehicle expert will find a large number of job offers in the cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

How expensive is a cost estimate in a car workshop?

Without a special agreement, no fee is due for a cost estimate, but most car dealerships charge a flat rate for the preparation of a cost estimate, which is usually offset when an order is placed.

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