What must be included in a personal description?

What must be included in a personal description?

Structure of a personal descriptionBody stature (muscular, slight, slim, overweight)Height of the person (small, tall, huge)Skin colour.Limbs. Poor (short, long, scarred, prosthetic) clothing. Headgear (hat, top hat, diadem, baseball cap) Other special characteristics of the person. Scars, burns, wounds.

What is the difference between explain and describe?

Describe: Represent structures, facts or connections in a structured and technically correct manner in your own words. Explain: To illustrate and understand a fact with additional information.

How can you describe something?

Write a description of an object Go from the general to the specific: start with typical characteristics and then describe specifics. Follow a logical order: use the present tense. Describe the item factually: Use appropriate adjectives:

How can you describe someone?

When describing people, you have to consider the following things: Pay attention to a meaningful order, so describe e.g. Use descriptive adjectives to describe the person accurately! The tense of the person’s description is the present tense! Write in the he/she form!

What are the descriptions?

Different text forms of the description are: personal description.object description.picture description.process description.direction.

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