What must be listed in the CV?

What must be listed in the CV?

Personal data in the CV: This information is importantExample of personal data in the CV. Name: Maximilian Muster. Full name. Address. phone number. E-mail. Date of birth and place of birth. Nationality. Marital status and number of children.More entries…•

How to write a good application

If you know the addressee’s name, write the salutation like this: Dear Mrs. xxx or Dear Mr. xxx. If you don’t know a name, write Dear Sir or Madam. This is of course unfavorable. That’s why you better ask the company for the contact person.

What to write in an application?

The letter of application is usually divided into six sections or 4-5 paragraphs. In general, the structure of the application letter follows this pattern (from top to bottom): letterhead (with address, recipient, date and subject line), introduction, body, company reference, conclusion and attachments.

Where can I write an application?

Use the “Application” area (called: Theme Island) in the Career Information Center (BiZ). There you will find books and magazines with application tips. You can create and edit your application documents at special computer workstations.

Can I write an application on my cell phone?

However, the application via smartphone is still in its infancy. The principle is not yet uniform: With some employers, you will be forwarded to the company’s career pages through an online job advertisement and you can upload your documents directly with your mobile phone.

How much does a professional application cost?

A cover letter for job starters costs around 70 euros, a complete application around 130 euros. Managers pay more: they can have an application prepared for around 240 euros. The writers often estimate four days for this, and some also offer a 24-hour service.

Can I write an application to the employment office?

The employment agency usually (at least in larger cities) has a careers information center (BIZ). There you can both write and print out applications. But if you receive benefits, you can claim the costs for the applications. As far as I know it has to be applied for.

Who can help me to write an application?

Teachers and trainers are usually happy to help with writing applications. Otherwise, there are offers for application training at the employment office. You also learn how to write applications.

How do I write a letter to the employment office?

Dear employment office, I am pleased to be able to inform you today that I no longer need your support. I would have liked to tell you personally, but I didn’t get an appointment. I would have gladly avoided getting to know you.

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