What must be on a student’s résumé?

What must be on a student’s résumé?

Curriculum Vitae for Students: The Most Important Contents Nowadays, a photo on the application is no longer required, but it is still often used and welcomed by many HR professionals. Contact details. Personal data. School education and graduation. Internships. Interests and hobbies. Knowledge and qualifications.

What belongs in a short profile?

The short profile (sometimes also called career summary) is a summary and overview of all professional qualifications and soft skills of an applicant. In a nutshell, it provides evidence of your special skills, your motivation to achieve and of course an outstanding personality.

What do you write on your résumé when you are still in school?

Content interests and knowledge. Finally, you state your special knowledge, for example if you are familiar with certain computer programs or if you have language skills. Place and date. It is important that the place and date are up-to-date. Signature.

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