What nationality at birth?

What nationality at birth?

Since 2000, children of foreigners who are born in Germany have acquired German citizenship if one of the parents has been living legally in Germany for at least 8 years and has an unlimited right of residence. In principle, these children have to be at their 21st birthday.

What is your nationality if you are born abroad?

The following applies to German citizens who were born abroad afterwards: If their children are born abroad, they only acquire German citizenship if the parents notify the responsible German diplomatic mission abroad of the child’s birth within one year.

What is determined by nationality?

In addition to the principle of descent, the place of birth principle has also been in effect in Germany since January 1, 2000. According to this, not only the nationality of the parents of a child determines his nationality, but also the place of birth. The child automatically becomes German at birth.

Are you German if you were born in Germany?

When do I get Italian citizenship?

If the foreigner was born on Italian territory, he can acquire Italian citizenship if he has been duly resident in Italy from birth to the age of majority.

Where can I apply for my German citizenship?

German citizenship: Requirements for naturalization has an unlimited right of residence in Germany. Has lived in Germany for at least eight years. Secures himself (and if necessary has sufficient knowledge of German (you will find out later what “sufficient” means).

What do you need for a German passport?

This is provided by: a) identity card or passport with registration certificate (not older than 3 months) and b) citizenship certificate or c) naturalization certificate or d) registration certificate and ID card or e) submission of the following civil status documents: – ⇒ birth certificate of the German spouse …

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