What needs to be strengthened?

What needs to be strengthened?

Frequently used examples of general, personal strengths Resilience, openness, readiness to take responsibility, performance orientation, willingness to learn, ability to work in a team, communication skills, initiative.

What is meant by the character of a person?

in psychology: character, the morally relevant competencies of a person. Personality, personality trait, the characteristics of an individual. Characteristic, recognizable characteristic of a person, thing or a context.

How do you describe a person’s character?

List of the five defining characteristics of every human being: Extraversion. Very distinctive: Talkative, sociable, dominant, hands-on, spontaneous, cordial, cheerful, optimistic. Emotional stability. Openness. Conscientiousness. Compatibility.

What is a personality?

The term personality describes the totality of the individual expression of a person. This includes physical appearance, the way in which he behaves, his thought patterns, his attitudes and beliefs, his values ​​and his emotions.

What is a strong personality?

People with strong personalities are known as “resistant personalities” in psychology. In it one can be introverted or extroverted, but what characterizes strong personalities above all else is the ability to swim over water again and again in the midst of adversity.

What is the person

In colloquial language, a person is a person who is characterized by his or her individual characteristics and idiosyncrasies. Different sciences have a specific understanding of terms.

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