What needs to go into a reflection?

What needs to go into a reflection?

Rather, reflection means thinking that examines, compares, examines the situation and illuminates it from different points of view. The intention of a reflection is to consciously deal with a situation in order to better understand it and learn from it.

What does reflect mean?

Reflecting means “radiating back” or “thinking” in the dictionary. Joy Amulya from MIT describes the process of reflection as a process of active participation in one’s own experiences. So it means consciously looking at your own actions and rethinking them.

How do I conduct a reflective discussion?

Have a reflective discussion in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed by ringing phones and asking questions from colleagues. Find a neutral place where you can talk undisturbed, such as a meeting room or even a quiet café. In the reflection discussion, it is mainly the learner who speaks.

Why is reflection important with children?

The reflection helps the children and young people to become aware of their own approach as well as successes and obstacles. The exchange in tandem, in a team and with the educators also strengthens the social and communicative skills of the young researchers.

What is meant by pedagogical action?

Pedagogical action is vocational (professional) action aimed at promoting learning and personal development (independence/maturity).

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