What percentage do you need to pass the exam?

What percentage do you need to pass the exam?

Failure of the final exam. To pass an exam, you must have at least 50 points. Certain exams are offset against each other, as stated in your training regulations. If your performance is insufficient, you have failed.

What happens if you fail the central final exam?

A candidate who has failed the final examination can only be admitted to the final examination on the next examination date and only once. The maximum duration of training must be taken into account. The responsible state ministry or the agency commissioned by it decides on exceptions.

What percentage does the secondary school examination count?

Of course, the preliminary mark still counts. This is then evaluated in a ratio of 5: 3: 2, with the preliminary mark taking up 50% of the mark, the written examination 30% and the oral deviation examination (if available) 20%.

What to do if you are afraid of exams?

It is particularly important for children with test anxiety to start preparing for a class test in good time. Learning under pressure only creates stress. It is better to go to the documents at least 5 days in advance and learn small portions every day.

What can be done against fear of practical exams?

The driver’s seat must be adjusted when taking a seat in the car. Seat distance to the steering wheel, backrest angle, inside and outside mirrors and the headrests must be optimally adapted to the individual body size. Then put on the seat belt and the test can begin well prepared.

How do I pass the practical test?

Tips for the practical exam Come to the exam appointment well rested and without hectic. Stimulants or sedatives will not help you. Wear suitable clothing and shoes. Do not put yourself under too much pressure to succeed and do not let yourself be pressured by third parties.

How can you prevent a blackout?

Because the safest way to blackout is to fear it. The fact is: Usually such a dropout is only half as wild … The most important tips against the dreaded dropouts include: pause for a moment. Draw attention. Breathe away stress. Relax muscles. Repeat and summarize. Admit blackout.

How do I pass my practical exam?

10 tips for the practical driving test pass the theory test first. Practice creates masters. Before the driving test: no rush. Keep important documents together. Take a deep breath with exam anxiety. If in doubt, ask the examiner. Small mistakes are allowed.

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