What percentage for which grade?

What percentage for which grade?

Percentage ranges per NoteNote Maximum number of points achieved in %1 (very good)100 – 962 (good)95 – 803 (satisfactory)79 – 604 (sufficient)59 – 452 more lines

Which grade is 76 percent?

Grade key PC – Lectures, NP ErnstingNotePercent verbal1.7≥ 85good2.0≥ 80good2.3≥ 75good2.7≥ 70satisfactory7

Which grade corresponds to 72 percent?

Percentage of points achieved in secondary level IGrade87 – 100very good73 – 86good59 – 72satisfactory45 – 58fair2 •

What is a good grade?

Lower and intermediate levelNumberGradePoints1very good15–132good12–103satisfactory9–74fair6–42

How many Swiss francs can I get for 1 €?

Conversion FrancsEuros (EUR) to Swiss Francs (CHF)1 Euro1.08 Francs5 Euro5.39 Francs10 Euro10.77 Francs50 Euro53.87 Francs6

How many euros do you get for 100 Swiss francs?

Are you overpaying your bank?Exchange rates Swiss Francs / Euro10 CHF9.29152 EUR20 CHFEUR50 CHFEUR100 CHFEUR8

How many euros do you get for 1?

An exchange rate of 1.1000 means: For 1 euro you get 1.10 US dollars.

How much is 20 Swiss Francs in Euros?

Swiss Franc(CHF) To Euro(EUR)CHFEUR5 CHF =4.64218 EUR10 CHF =9.28436 EUR15 CHF =EUR20 CHF =EUR4

How do you convert from Swiss francs to euros?

Converting euros to CHF An amount of 500 euros is to be converted to CHF (Swiss francs). Solution: The amount is divided by the exchange rate 0.9369 (status.

How many euros are 3 p.m. francs?

Swiss Franc(CHF) To Euro(EUR)CHFEUR2 CHF =1.85584 EUR5 CHF =4.63961 EUR10 CHF =9.27922 EUR15 CHF =EUR4

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