What percentage of plagiarism can you have?

What percentage of plagiarism can you have?

Positive plagiarism check requires rework From a plagiarism rate of 10 percent and above, however, it becomes more and more likely that a scientific paper contains plagiarism.

What percentage of plagiarism is allowed for a thesis?

The answer to this question is: 0% plagiarism and. X% similarities are allowed.

Are plagiarism checks allowed?

Conclusion: plagiarism check legal for students and universities. Taking into account critical aspects such as data protection, blocking notice and the granting of usage rights, a plagiarism check is legal and therefore unproblematic.

How long does a PlagScan take?

Length and subject complexity). In general, you can expect your report to be completed in a matter of minutes. However, during peak hours with a very high server load (e.g. during examination periods), the analysis of large documents can take up to 24 hours.

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