What personal data are included in the résumé?

What personal data are included in the résumé?

What information should be included in the curriculum vitae? First and last name, possibly also name at birth, place and date of birth, nationality, address, contact details (telephone number, e-mail address if applicable)

What should be included in a résumé for university?

A curriculum vitae contains: personal data (name, address, date of birth, place of birth, nationality) information on school, studies, further education, information on practical and professional experience, other qualifications (e.g. language skills, computer skills)

What can I study test?

You can take the orientation test (OT) at The “compulsory part” of the OT consists of an interest test that takes about 15 minutes; We also recommend the three ability tests (duration approx. 90 minutes).

Which study test for free?

The free online study choice test from helps you to find the right study program for your strengths and interests. The test calculates within 10 minutes which subjects are suitable for you based on your inclinations and abilities.

What should one study to get rich?

5 courses that will help you get rich later Inconceivable but true: the richest people in the world did not go to college. Economics. At many universities in Germany, the cliché has long been held that anyone who does not know what they are studying simply studies business administration. Engineering. Computer science. Medicine. Conclusion.

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