What professional skills are there?

What professional skills are there?

We have prepared further information on these technical competencies on the following pages: Foreign languages, Legal knowledge, Instrument knowledge, Machine knowledge, Spatial imagination, Calculation skills, Written expression, Technical knowledge.

What are skills?

Skill generally describes a learned or acquired part of behavior. The term skill is thus differentiated from the term ability, which is viewed as a prerequisite for the realization of a skill.

What are the skills?

The following characteristics are particularly important here: Communication skills. Charisma. Resilience. Empathy. Flexibility. Intercultural Competence. Adaptability. Presentation strength.

What are my skills?

1) Insight, Expertise, Expertise, Expertise, Know-how, Expertise, Expertise, Overview, Knowledge. Origin of the term: Mittelhochdeutsch kentnisse = (knowledge), formed from the 2nd participle of Mittelhochdeutsch know

What can you teach yourself?

What can you teach yourself? Learning / building musical instruments. Disassembling / assembling electrical devices. Programming, hacking, learning applications (e.g. Photoshop), drawing, painting, handicrafts. Tuning cars, cars and motorcycles. Sports (you can also play basketball on your own, for example to practice)

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