What qualities should a psychologist have?

What qualities should a psychologist have?

These include: reliability, honesty and punctuality, accurate and careful work, independent work, enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility. The ability and willingness to work with others (ability to work in a team) and the willingness to learn are also indispensable today.

Can you go to a psychologist without your parents noticing?

Adolescents can also turn to a psychotherapist in their own practice without the knowledge of their parents. As a rule, legally insured young people from the age of 15 can apply for psychotherapy independently from the health insurance company.

What is an initial consultation?

The so-called initial interview After the appointment has been made by telephone, the so-called initial interview takes place. In the initial consultation, the therapist usually asks the patient to talk as freely and unstructuredly as possible about the reason for his visit and his problems.

Why do you go to a psychiatrist?

It is important for the relatives of people with a mental illness to understand the diagnosis or illness. The psychiatrist can explain the behavior of mentally ill relatives to you in an understandable way.

What questions can you ask a psychiatrist?

Many people feel anxious about their first visit to a psychiatrist…Typical questionsHow well do you sleep?How do you have the energy to carry out daily tasks?Do you brood often?What do you brood over?What worries you?

What is the job of a psychiatrist?

As a psychiatrist, you mainly deal with the physical diagnosis and treatment of mentally ill people. You will identify the physical and medical causes of mental illnesses and disorders and try to remedy them by treating them with medication.

Does a psychotherapist have a duty of confidentiality?

§ 8 Confidentiality 1) Psychotherapists are sworn to secrecy about treatment relationships and about what they have been entrusted and made aware of by and about patients and third parties in connection with their professional activity.

When do I take my child to a psychologist?

Parents should contact a specialist if the abnormalities occur suddenly, are severe, persist for a long time and if they are a heavy burden on the child, the young person or their caregivers.

When should a child go to occupational therapy?

Receive occupational therapy, almost all between the ages of four and nine (AOK Heilmittelbericht 2014). The “medicalization of childhood” is the catchphrase making the rounds.

How long does occupational therapy last for children?

Psycho-functional treatment: 60 minutes. Sensorimotor-perceptual treatment : 45 minutes. Motor-functional treatment: 30 minutes. Brain power training: 30 minutes.

Who Pays for Child Psychology?

Health insurance companies cover the costs for child psychotherapy and adolescent psychotherapy. Child psychotherapy and adolescent psychotherapy are part of the nationwide health care system. Thus, the costs are generally covered by the statutory health insurance companies.

Who pays for a psychologist?

Psychotherapy is a service provided by statutory health insurance, which means that the statutory health insurers generally cover the costs of psychotherapy. You can go directly to the consultation hours of a psychotherapist. You do not need a referral for this, just your health insurance card.

Who pays for couples therapy?

Who pays for couples therapy? Since couple and family therapy are not part of psychotherapy, the costs are not covered by statutory or private health insurance companies. An exception is possible if one of the partners suffers from a mental disorder with medical significance (e.g.

How much does it cost to go to the psychologist?

The fees usually range between €70 and €150 for an individual session of 50 minutes. Deviations from this fee range are possible and are agreed individually with the psychotherapist.

Will a psychologist be taken over by health insurance?

Health insurance pays for outpatient treatment if the therapist has identified a mental disorder and this is listed in the psychotherapy guidelines. There, the joint federal committee of doctors, psychotherapists and health insurance companies has determined which diseases the health insurance companies pay for.

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