What questions can you ask about yourself?

What questions can you ask about yourself?

Questions to get to know yourself betterWhat are my strengths?Who is most important to me? What people can I trust?What am I ashamed of?What am I really proud of?What do I enjoy doing that I enjoy?What would I like to try new things?What are my worries?What am I grateful for?More posts…

Can the social welfare office ask for bank statements?

In principle, an authority may not demand the submission of bank statements without reason ( 67a SGB X). Social welfare offices have started to ask for bank statements from the last three months. From a data protection point of view, this cannot be objected to.

What do you get for social welfare benefits?

Help in other situations (70 – 74 SGB XII) The ninth chapter of SGB XII includes various services: help to continue the household (70), help for the elderly (71), help for the blind (72), funeral expenses (74) and, as a catch-all standard , the help in other life situations ( 73 SGB XII).

Does the social welfare office have access to accounts?

Access to account movements can only be requested by the public prosecutor if a criminal offense is suspected from the financial institution. The job center and social welfare office can determine where accounts exist. But not balances and account movements.

How does the social welfare office check assets?

Social assistance benefits are only available if the existing income and assets are not sufficient. The social welfare office checks the income and assets and also clarifies whether parents, partners or children can support the person seeking help.

Does the social welfare office have access to my safe deposit box?

does the social welfare office have access to my safe deposit box if I become a nursing case??? Not the social welfare office, but the tax office. They should. If you are a welfare case, the bank – like you – is obliged to disclose all sub-accounts if asked.

Are safe deposit boxes notifiable?

The bank may not know what is hidden behind the doors. But she has to report the existence of a locker to the authorities upon request. If they suspect a crime or have outstanding claims against the customer, they don’t stop at the customer’s locker.

Does the state have access to my locker?

Can the authorities access the contents of your safe deposit box? You are actually allowed to do so – if the appropriate circumstances arise: in the event of an inheritance, but also if assets are seized, the locker is no longer taboo.

Does the tax office have access to a safe deposit box?

If a bank customer dies, the bank must notify the tax office of any account or custody account balances with a total value of more than EUR 5,000.00. The same applies to a safe deposit box maintained at the bank. The report must be made within one month of the death becoming known.

Is a safe deposit box anonymous?

Lockers cannot be set up anonymously. In practice, you have to be a “good customer” of the bank to get a safe deposit box. After death, the tax office receives information about the existence of the safe deposit box.

Who has access to a safe deposit box?

If you are in debt, a creditor can also seize access to the safe deposit box by means of a seizure and bank transfer order: the safe deposit box will then be opened by bailiffs, the bank and a locksmith. The bank is not allowed to give out information that you have one or give access to anyone.

Does the tax office have access to my account?

Because what used to be almost impossible for the tax officials has now become routine: they can view all of the taxpayers’ accounts via the Federal Central Tax Office based in Bonn. Previously, savers could keep their interest income for themselves for years with almost no risk – that’s over now.

What amounts of money are reported to the tax office?

Yes . The banks are obliged to report to the tax office if the amount in an account exceeds 10,000 euros. (Which happens automatically) The tax office has access to your account at all times. You don’t notice it is an automatic and everyday process.

Can the tax office see account movements?

The tax office cannot call up account balances or account movements using the automatic query. This requires an extra request for information from the tax office.

What do banks have to report to the tax office?

The bank does not have to report anything to the tax office, but to the responsible FIU at customs if there is a suspicion of money laundering. They then inform the relevant departments, such as the tax office. They may then ask you what kind of money it is and where it came from.

Are transfers reported to the tax office?

No, transfers are not reported to the tax office. Irrespective of the amount, capital gains are only reported to the tax office for which there is no exemption order (the exemption orders are also reported) and from which capital gains tax and solidarity surcharge have therefore been paid.

Are capital gains reported to the tax office?

The tax office does not know your total investment income. However, the banks must report the interest that is exempt from tax deduction to the Federal Central Tax Office.

What does the tax office check in the tax return?

During a tax audit, the tax office checks whether the tax situation of the person or company concerned is correct. A designated person comes to the exam, whereby the examiner has to register and give you a fixed period of time (usually two weeks) to prepare.

What is checked in a tax return?

Since 2010, the tax offices have been using risk management software that automatically classifies all tax cases into four risk classes. These and random samples ensure that some tax cases are not checked at all, only in certain points or completely and in detail.

Which invoices does the tax office check?

If an audit is carried out at the invoice recipient, the auditor usually writes control messages. They go to the tax offices of the invoice issuers. If, in your case, the inspector receives a response “Name and address unknown”, the recipient of your invoice has problems.

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