What questions can you ask during the telephone interview?

What questions can you ask during the telephone interview?

This includes, for example, the possible starting date or your salary expectations. At the end of the conversation you have the opportunity to ask your own questions. You should ALWAYS use them. Questions are an opportunity to find out more about the job and employer.

Where do you see your answer in 5 years?

I’ll see myself in five years. A good answer implies that you are committed enough to stay with the company for at least the next five years and that you have the stamina for it. Each training session costs the company more time and money than applicants are often aware of.

How did you hear about us Application?

Why are you applying to us: Good answers Because I have already found out a lot about your company and the job description matches my skills. I became aware of the fact that your job posting is looking for an employee with my experience.

What distinguishes a company?

A company is an economic institution that produces economic goods or provides services. The company is an organizational unit in which an employer and his employees pursue certain work-related purposes.

How do I make myself an attractive employer?

We’ll tell you which 15 criteria make a good employer and which questions you should find answers to in the course of the application process: further training, career opportunities and job security. Good working atmosphere. Good location. Attractive corporate culture. Self-realization in the job.

How are companies classified according to their operational activity?

Species. Depending on the size of the company, a distinction is made between micro, small, medium and large companies. A distinction can be made between production companies (agriculture, mining, craft, industry) and service companies (trade, transport, banks, insurance companies) according to the purpose of the company.

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