What salutation for teachers?

What salutation for teachers?

It depends on the general discipline in the school and on the relationship with said teacher. For some teachers (especially older ones) I write: Dear Mr. XY, but for the younger teachers, Hi Mr. XY or Dear Mr. XY…

When to ask when applying?

However, never ask for an interim status earlier than 1-2 weeks after the application deadline – let alone before that. But don’t let much more time than two to four weeks pass, since your job prospects cannot improve for a long time.

When should you ask for an application?

As a rule of thumb you can remember: For small/medium-sized companies 2 weeks or 10 working days, for larger companies you should be patient 3 weeks or 15 working days before you call after the application. However, if you wait 5 or more weeks, this can be interpreted as disinterest.

How long does it take to get feedback on applications?

As a rule, the applicant receives feedback within three to six weeks. But it can also go much faster – or take longer. In some cases you wait in vain for an answer.

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